Welcome to Brunswick Blast. Now that you've landed, please take the time to see what all is going on around here, the places to go, the word on the street, the unique people and businesses that make Southport and Brunswick County a great place to live and visit ... See what's biting, choose your favorite watering hole, vote for your top pick of area restaurants. And for those with an interest in real estate in the area, I will be highlighting a "hot property of the week" featuring what I believe is very best deal out there in many of the different markets. If you have any suggestions of links or things you'd like to see, please email me and I will try my best to add them.

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Ports of Call – Far Away Flavors Find a Home

2012_7_835I had the opportunity last night to go "backstage" in the kitchen of and get a first hand peek at Southport's latest foodie destination.  The Downtown bistro and gourmet market, located in the beautifully refurbished former Maritime Museum, at 116 N Howe, opened for business over the summer of 2011, offering a unique international dining experience, along with  some well-prepared Cape Fear favorites. They've already gathered a loyal following and the new menu offerings for 2012 are a testament to owners, Jake Pfohl and Ray Aeayan's continued commitment to bringing the best of Greek/Mediterranean/Spanish comfort food to our little Port City. Ray is also a fine dessert and pastry chef, creating a delectable array of breads and sweets, so try and save room! But if not, come in anytime for take-home goodies from their made-fresh daily bakery counter, as well as their Market offering delicious finds from around the world…from the finest olive oils and vinegars, to premium meats and cheeses, specialty biscuits, crackers and spreads, condiments, spices and more.

Hours are 11-2 and 5-9, Tuesday-Saturday and a popular Sunday brunch from 10-2:30.

Dinner reservations recommended. Call 910-457-4544.

You can keep up with the latest, check out their menus, and see what folks are saying on their Facebook Page. NOW… go to their page, look at the menus, and if you can match the eleven pictures above with their rightful owner, you'll earn a free tapas. I'll take the first five correct entries at southportsoundings@gmail.com

Also see their great reviews on , , and !

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Southport Waterfront Market – Come on Down

southport waterfront market_10 Like many small towns around the country, is fortunate to have a viable and growing farmer’s market. Every Wednesday from 8-1, locals and visitors can enjoy a beautiful selection of produce from local farmers and unique creations from area artisans. Back that up with the breezy, blue backdrop of the Cape Fear River and the plunky sounds of bluegrass coming from the front porch of the historic Garrison House, you know you are experiencing Southport at its very best.

So come on, local residents, lets put Brunswick County food on our table. Is it my just imagination that the small, tender squash fixed for dinner tonight tasted richer and sweeter than what I buy from the "big three?" I don’t think so. Let’s commit ourselves to supporting our young farmers and talented artisans… there’s nothing that tastes as good and speaks "Summertime" like "fresh from the garden."

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Moore Street Market – More than a Coffee Shop

moore street market_2Walking into Moore Street Market this chilly January morning, I quickly knew I’d come to the right place. Open since last October, Southport has a new coffee/ sandwich shop right downtown.

Proprietors, Emily and Ian, who came to Southport by way of where Emily managed a coffee shop, look like they have already found a niche. It was Ian, ironically that came to Southport first, with another type of venture in mind… But in the end, this was not to be. Ian and Emily, with baby in tow, decided to move to Southport anyway.

They seem happy with their decision and Southport resimoore street market_15_newsletterdents and  visitors are the beneficiaries. Emily and Ian have combined a  delectable made-fresh menu with free-trade organic coffee  in a cozy and inviting atmosphere adorned with local artwork and all the comforts of home. If you see something you like, everything is for sale… from the paintings on the wall, to the vintage kitchen wares and antique glassware, to the chairs you’re sitting in.

is open 7 days a week (how do they do it?) Monday- Friday 6:30-5:30, Saturday 6:30-5:00 and Sundays 7:30-3:00. Come check them out if you haven’t already. Besides the fresh-made daily pastries and great coffee, here is a sampling to get your mouth to waterin’. Even the sandwich bread is homemademoore street market_18_newsletter.

The Gobbler – Ovengold turkey, crispy bacon, creme cheese, with lettuce and tomato on a toasted bagel.

YPRB – Roast beef and cheddar with a pub style horseradish sauce, lettuce, tomato, and sweet grilled onions on toasted rye.

Grandma’s Best – Homemade egg salad topped with crispy bacon and lettuce on a croissant.

EM-O – A fresh bed of green leaf lettuce topped with candied pecans, blue cheese crumbles, and apples served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Don’t worry if you have a hankering for more simple pleasures… they even have PB&Js, grill cheeses, and fresh pimento cheese and chicken salad with your choice of breads of course!

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Southport NC – Harborside Condo – A Very Rare Opportunity

condo3 Southport home sales … How’s the market? Many are asking. Last week I posted a blog highlighting this year. In spite of a slow market, many took advantage of some great deals and became our newest residents.
By nature, I am always looking to highlight the best, most unique, best-priced, best-located properties at the moment. This Harborside of Southport condo overlooking the , the old Yacht Basin, the Intracoastal Waterway, and beyond… has been flagged for my latest "one of a kind" list. It is currently priced over 20K below a recent appraisal at $320,000.

If you are a boater, life doesn’t get much better than this. Or if you’re on Bald Head and need a base on the mainland, again, a perfect setup. It also makes a great weekend rental property. I took the opportunity this weekend to go by and take some pictures, just before sunset, and was blown away by the views in every direction.

If you have questions or would like to see it for yourself, I’d love to hear from you.
Phone: 910.540.0551        southportsoundings@gmail.com

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Disclosure: I am a local buyer’s agent with Southport Realty.             © southportsoundings.com 2010


Southport NC - Dog Days of Summer are Here

I know it’s not August yet… and the hot, lazy days that precede the welcomed respite of September Song hold only a distant dream. I am not inspired to write but I found an old file of pictures taken in August of ‘08, (with a couple extras thrown in) that might make us feel thankful for summer, however sticky and sultry our days might be. The marshes are green and the water is blue and good times are there for the taking.

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Southport NC - A Broadway Revue Comes to Franklin Square Park

believe it's that time again already! BRUNSWICK LITTLE THEATRE presents the premier of CYCLES: THE SONGS OF A LIFETIME. Every year, BLT gives back to the community by offering a FREE outdoor show in Franklin Square Park-30. All shows at 8.


LIVE MUSIC IN SOUTHPORT NC - Lois Jane's Riverview Inn...

Today is your last chance to get tickets to see Nora Jane Struthers, a rising Nashville Americana Star, this Friday April 23rd at 6:30 PM. Call or email Ken Perrin at 910.274.3971. You can check out Nora Jane Struthers and her Band on MySpace or YouTube.


Get Your Party On - 3 Cheers Has It All

3cheers10_500 It's funny how you can live in a place and never really notice a local business until you need it. One of my daughters is getting married next month and I was looking up in Wilmington for a rental company for a tent, chairs, tables, and such. Then last week, right under my nose … I passed a billboard for , located in Southport/Oak Island. They’ve been here since 2007 but I missed them somehow.

Brunswick County has become very popular for destination weddings so I wanted to let people know that we have a full-service rental company for weddings, special events, and parties right here in Southport.

is owned and operated by David Wallace and Andy Beacham. I met with David this week and saw his full line of rental goods in one of his two locations on Long Beach Road. From tents, to tables and chairs, to glassware, and tableware, he has everything you need. They cover all of Brunswick County, including Bald Head Island so if you are in need of their services, they can deliver. Here is a of what they offer. David is top-notch and quite a personable fellow. You can or call him at 910.448.1002.

Thanks for your help and advice David … see you on the BIG DAY!
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Southport Remembered – Native Stories

I stumbled across an active group on Facebook called . It is a viable group of old Southport natives that grew up here and have fond memories of "the way it was." It is a lively group with old pictures and commentary that gives a unique look at days gone by in the area we call home. I have put together a brief slideshow, with permission from Mike Royal, in hopes of giving those who love Southport a glimpse into the simple life that once was. As soon as I read Mike’s musings of what it meant growing up back then, I wrote him and asked permission to post it here. So it is with his generous blessing, I offer the the following. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to read the following in its entirety….

Ramblings of an old Clam Digger by Mike Royal

cd17_mike Heaven just might be where I’m going but it’s definitely where I’ve been. You see, I’ve already lived in heaven. Some call it Southport. I call it home. My life has been a journey of wonders. Where ever life has taken me, I have always carried Southport with me. It is in my blood, it is at my core, it is who I am.

I have felt the spray of the Cape and it steeled my Fear. I have whittled at Whittler's Bench. I played ball on Taylor field. I’ve seen a Dolphin shoot hoops and a Sail Fish swing a bat! I walked the halls of Southport High School. Mazie and Mammy served me cornbread. Ms. Normant taught me ABC. I watched it burn. I learned of God at Trinity. God sent two angels, Phil A. and Eddie J. Through them I understood God’s grace and the lesson of humility. I have seen the old Jail when it was just a jail. I picked cookies from a Jacks cookie jar. I was amused at the Amuzu and sipped cherry colas at Watson’s Drug Store. With a honking of his horn, Freeman Kirby brought us fresh vegetables. cd18_mike The Maola man delivered my milk to the door. Dr. Burdette healed and mended me. Another Kirby dispensed my medicine. Mack, Louis, and Ed have fed me. Ed was closed on Thursdays. I found Curiosity in a downtown shop. I collected my 2 cent bottle deposit at Dan Harrelson’s. I sat on a plank as Roland cut my hair. A man named Joe knew pulpwood. My playground lay between the sea buoy and the number one beacon. I fished the Cape Fear and swam the Old Yacht Basin. Doors I knew were attached to a net. Purses I knew were boats circling for Menhaden. I’ve seen an Idle On and bailed the Nola Dare. I pulled Penny’s nets and painted Cathy’s outriggers. I knew Patricia and Alice Belle. I watched Pappy drive pilings and could see his house amid the salvage of hard work. I’ve painted boat bottoms at Frazier’s Boat Works. By God, I’ll take you to Buzzards Bay; I’ll show you the Frying Pan and kiss Old Baldy on the way. I’ve eaten corncakes and seen the inlet. I sailed down snag alley. I’d rather remember the old “Oak Island Bridge” or as the name of a great band. I’ve waded in Bonnets Creek. AHHHH, I’ve smelled low tide, the old fish factory, and Caroon crabs. I feasted on marsh hens, conchs and cd19_spp Turtle Egg Duff. I’ve dug “Bull” clams at the mouth of Bald Head Creek. I can mend a net. The Old Salts who taught me have names like Dallas, Merritt, Lewis, Jimmy, John, Walter, Duney, Smutty, Sonny, David, Maxi, Dick, Reese, Charlie, Twitt, Basil, Larry, Gunk, Stanley, Fred, Earl, Frank, Bud, Bill, Rob and Cash. I attended their “board” meetings at Dallas’ shrimp house. We sat on shrimp boxes and old rocking chairs. These MEN, these Prophets of the sea, these Rabbi’s of hard work and hard life left their mark on me. I watched, I observed, I learned, I’m grateful. But most of all, by God, I LIVED it. God blessed me with Southport as my nursery, my estuary, my hatchery and I am better for it. All that I am I owe to a village that raised me. These are my memories and I share them with many other “Clam Diggers” who lived it too. May God bless you new stewards of Southport and may you too find “Heaven” and pass on to the next generation the essence and the character of SOUTHPORT! May it overwhelm your senses and dazzle your thoughts. May it enter your heart and course through your veins. You too will be better for it. In your old age you can wrap yourself in the warmth and comfort of these memories, these visions. Let’s circle the cedar bench, just one more time!
Michael Royal

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Downtown Southport - New Neighbor Spotlight – The Celtic Harp

celtic2 "YAAY!" I said the other day when I was driving down Howe Street and spotted guitars in the window of the old Oliver’s storefront. It’s so nice to see a new business open in Southport, nice to see the hallowed walls of Oliver’s Grill still intact, and even nicer for me to have a music store right around the corner from my house.

Owners Steve and Connie O'Bryan moved to Carolina Beach in '07 from Kentucky. Steve has been playing music his whole life and sold musical instruments for the last thirty. They moved to Oak Island in June of last year. Steve and Connie both have always loved , so when the opportunity arose to set up a main street shop in town, they went for it. Connie says, "I hope we're here to stay." Me too … I’ll be back for a visit very soon. Stop in at 306 N Howe St. or call 457.9145.

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Snow in Southport – We Waited a Long Time

When the weather man started calling for snow here, I was    immediately skeptical. The accepted rule of thumb around here is…if they predict it, it will NOT come. All the snow I’ve seen here over the last almost thirty years resulted from moisture from off shore colliding southport snow11with cold air inland, bringing snow to the coast but nowhere else.  All the typical West to East snow storms that track across the Carolinas, almost always leave us missing it by a hair.
So we tend to remember the years that have brought snow accumulation to Southport. Probably none will ever match the mighty Christmas Eve Blizzard of 1989 that brought us a record-breaking 18 inches. All that being said, we did get a “beaut” in a small heavy package, delivering an awe-inspiring layer of white to our coastal landscape.

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Hot Property- A Southport Weekender

If you are looking for a perfect getaway cottage in Downtown Southport, then look no further. All the the work has been done…creatively restored, with quality workmanship and all the comforts of home. All new HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, coffered ceilings, and beadboard, make this the best deal in Southport’s Historic District. Biking and walking distance to all the Downtown shops and eateries. You owe it to yourself to see the interior and all the the special touches in this neat, small package plus screened-in porch and garden/studio shed in back with electricity….$199,900. WOW!

Click HERE for slideshow…

Feel free to me for more information.

Disclosure: The above listing is featured with permission from Shay Watkins at Southport Realty. Photos courtesy of cfwebmasters.

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Marti Gras on Main Street – Southport NC

February 11 - 13, 16 2010
Live Oak Cafe_500
Celebrate Mardi Gras at Live Oak Cafe
mg mask_230 Live Oak Cafe in the spirit of Mardi Gras will be decked out in the finest fashion of the season including an assortment of masques, beads and festive hats. Featuring great Cajun specials and festive creations of your favorite spirits. Call Chef Sean Mundy or his wife Jennifer Charron to see what’s cookin’…here’s their .

614 N Howe St • Southport NC 28461 • 910.454.4360 •


Hot Property – River Run Plantation

It’s no secret that is one of my favorite communities, tucked away on the fertile banks of Lockwood Folly River. So it is only fitting that my first “hot property” blast will feature this 1989 home sitting on two prime waterfront lots with dramatic views you just have to see to believe.

Click to see slideshow.

If you are looking for waterfront property, I don’t know of another better deal than this at $575,000. if you’d like more info or are interested in seeing it. I love an excuse to ride out to River Run!

Disclosure: The above listing is featured with permission from Mary Ann McCarthy at Southport Realty. 
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Southport - Starting Out – The Way it was….

What follows is an excerpt from several accounts by a Southport native, Frances Reinsborrow, who graciously shared many memories of growing up in an earlier time. She was the first to post these priceless rememberances on Southport’s page. Click on “more” below to see the rest of her story so far.
Carr-Jorgeson "The Whittler's Bench at the foot of Howe Street (which intersects with Bay Street) has, as far back as I can remember, been the place for school friends to gather, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. When I was in high school, there was a beautiful tree which shaded the Whittler's Bench, but times change, and the decision made to later not place a tree there. The Whittler's Bench would never be the same for many of us without a tree there. Usually Friday night ballgames took place, and then most of us visited "The Pines" Restaurant and Drive-in to get a burger and drink. Loitering was allowed! After that everyone usually gathered at the Whittler's Bench. One prerequisite was that the driver had to "circle the Cedar Bench" to make their debut! It was always exciting when someone was fortunate enough to get a "muscle car" to show off. Everyone showed their excitement. There were Chevelle Super Sports, GTO's (Goats), Super Bees (Dodge or Plymouth), etc. But if someone was really lucky enough to acquire a Corvette Stingray - now that was a thrill! The times we had were wonderful as I look back. They were simple times - but good times." Read .

A look at life around Southport

Please give me a call if you have suggestions for content here. I welcome your input. Feel free to send your own pictures...I may start posting a picture of the week, along with a local business person of the week. Let me hear from you...

Vicki Burton